E-Commerce web design is a complex service and to be successful requires a high level of teamwork across a number of skillsets including designers, search engine optimisers, front-end developers, programmers and platform specialists. At 3hammers we employ all of these people in house. Our team of specialists really bring their experience and expertise to the table to ensure that we guide you and give you the best advice to achieve real success with your online shop.

As with the grow of businesses these days, considering an online presence has become an essential part and can raise sometimes a list of questions for our clients. How does an online presence change the market for the business? How will people shop? What kind of security is required? How will customers pay online?At 3hammers, we put together our team to help answer those questions and your business go online.

We understand how to sell on the web, build trust, and turn your website visitors into customers.

Our e-commerce designs have the perfect combination of beauty and brains. The best e-commerce site design for your business is a unique combination of elements to
  • help increase conversion rates
  • help you get found in the search engines,
  • encourage them to engage socially and build trust,
  • convert easily when the time is right,
  • and keep them coming back to increase their lifetime value.

Our Key Factors to Designing a Successful E-commerce Website

User friendliness
In any e-commerce, not only price but the user-friendliness and ease of use of the store is really the decisive factor. We make the design as simple and pleasant as possible for your customers to get information in your store, to find and order products.
Quick product search
Product search is of primary significance for the success of your online store. If your website visitors cannot find the product and related information he is looking for within a short period of time, he’ll be gone again quickly.
Clear navigation
Many pretty and very creative websites lack a clear and concise system of navigation. We build your store and product catalog as simply and logically as possible, making them appealing and modern at the same time.
Clear ordering process
One of the most frequent reasons for abruptly abandoned orders is a complicated, complex and overly long ordering process. Ordering process in your online store need to be as short, transparent and clear as possible.
Visible shopping cart
At each stage in the ordering process, we show your customer where he is in the overall process and how to continue, e.g. by a basket that is always visible and a clear indication of progress.
Info about total costs early on
Another way to make your customers stay in your store is by indicating as early as possible in the ordering process the amounts for shipping and the total for all additional charges for the items ordered.
Trust and Security
All-round protection from store certification
Offer a wide range of secure payment methods
Guarantee and warranty in plain text
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Trusted E-commerce Technology

Using Magento enables 3hammers to create incredible ecommerce stores for companies to sell their products and services online. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to integrate this software with your existing product data and structure, creating a programme to cover every aspect of your business, in one easy solution.

Magento is the most powerful and flexible ecommerce platform out there, providing our clients with the most advanced features and up-to-date technology.

Magento is the choice of the biggest companies across the globe, and is the fastest ecommerce platform in the world. The cutting edge features make Magento the key choice; it’s incredibly easy to work with & employ. Magento is exceedingly flexible, so whether you are a small, medium or international business in a range of sectors such as retail and manufacturing, Magento will change your business for the best and can play host to any required functionality you may need due to it’s highly flexible & well supported PHP structure.