Our efforts are directed towards creating products that speak about your brand; that helps in creating a dominant presence in a market which is already competitive. We don’t use technology simply because we can. We add them only when they’re truly useful. And we add them in a way that makes sense.

Web Design / Interactive

Internet technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. It has become a necessity for every business to have a website. Your website is the first impression for your company where the customers learn about you, decide what products to buy and make decision to do business with you.

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E-Commerce web design is a complex service and to be successful requires a high level of teamwork across a number of skillsets including designers, search engine optimisers, front-end developers, programmers and platform specialists. At 3hammers we employ all of these people in house. Our team of specialists really bring their experience and expertise to the table to ensure that we guide you and give you the best advice to achieve real success with your online shop.

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Mobile Development

Since more consumers have begun adopting smart phones like the iPhone, Android phones, mobile apps are becoming an integral part of a solid business strategy. If you are still not decided about developing a mobile app for your service or website then it is time that you pay heed.

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